About Us

Charter Lighting is a small company of specialists who are passionate about creating the best lighting solutions for the art and heritage world.

With over 25 years’ experience in the art and lighting sectors, we have developed a deep understanding of the needs of owners, curators and property managers. We appreciate the care, dedication and often sacrifice that can be involved in keeping these precious collections together and preserving them properly for future generations to enjoy.
Our research programme is dedicated both to the sustainability of our products and to the conservation of artworks, while at all times ensuring the best possible light quality. With our own manufacturing facilities in the UK, we deliver tailor-made solutions underpinned by comprehensive consultancy and support services. We pride ourselves on providing an integrated approach to all your lighting needs, delivering solutions with careful attention to detail and prompt efficiency.

The Principal founders of Charter Lighting are Emma Dawson-Tarr, Ian Peter MacDonald and Andrew Tarr, who are supported by a team of dedicated technicians and skilled craftsmen.
Emma’s work in the field of bespoke lighting began in 1983 as a founder of Absolute Action Ltd., one of the earliest pioneers of fibre optic lighting. Early commissions included lighting selected paintings in the Long Gallery at Windsor Castle, along with similar work at Kensington Palace and the National Portrait Gallery in London, and extending to as far afield as the Hope Diamond in Washington DC and private Art Collections across Europe, the Middle East, Japan – indeed, world-wide.

Having spent twenty years working with most of the world’s great museums and many of our finest stately homes, Ian Peter was a founder of Greenled Light, one of the earliest innovators in the marketing of LED lighting to save energy for major institutions. Ten years later Ian Peter’s understanding of this technology, combined with his knowledge of and professional insight into art, enables him to advise the owners and managers of stately homes how to select the right solutions, not only to fulfil their current needs, but also to light their legacy for generations to come.

Andrew has his finger on the pulse of today’s fast-moving field of LED lighting technology and control systems, and also has many years of industry experience. This underpins the company’s rapid-response customising facility when unique challenges require unique solutions, and ensures confidence in the functional suitability, performance and longevity of the company’s bespoke lighting systems.