Fishmongers Hall,
London, UK

Founded in 1272 The Fishmongers’ Company ranks fourth in the order of precedence of City Livery Companies. The livery hall sits firmly overlooking London bridge dripping with paintings of London through the years, fishmonger’s scenes and portraits and of course the single most iconic portrait of HM The Queen, painted by Pietro Annigoni in 1955.

Driven primarily by the need to show these works to best effect, the facilities team worked with their curator to identify a supplier which would achieve this most effectively. Impressed also by Charter’s unique LED lamp approach which enables them to fully adjust and replace the lamps in time, the solution provided a future proof approach which would light these works for a generation without attention.

The initial project to replace the picture lights in the old and Walworth rooms has been followed by a program to upgrade their existing picture lights using the Academy retrofit approach.